Recenze Penzion Sedlec

Hotel is situated straight near railway station. It is a relatively small and modest hotel, but it has a new lift and standard facilities. Family- type hotel: the owner was able to help me in the night of arriving in very non-standard way, when I had a bad accident on the stairs of railway station, had to call the ambulance because of the broken bones, and I did not have anybody in the town to take me to somewhere after. The owner of the hotel took me to the hotel in the night, helped me with other things, and next morning took me to the place of work. It is allowed me to solve the situation with the most appropriate for me result. My case is not the first time when he help people in troubles: his family is also took care of one young man from England, who was seriously injured after meeting with Roma thieves.
The owner of the hotel is very interested in everything what is connected woth the history of trains, railways, so he could be a good expert for the people with the similar hobby. He also has a small excibition of some artefacts from the area of old railways, old railway station etc.
PS: Ask for the room to inside street (not straight to the railway)

více o hotelu Penzion Sedlec

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